Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boxes, Cake, and God's Presence

We are settling into our new home and life in box and one day at a time!  Thank you for praying for this transition.  The Lord truly blessed our remaining time in Virginia and has paved the way in Georgia.  Despite ear infections, a gas leak, faulty plumbing, and missing loved ones in Virginia, we are doing well and are grateful for God's peace and provision in this new season.  

 At our fabulous going away party hosted by dear friends

Loading everything into the moving van

Miss Jess (John's aid and our dear friend) came with us to help us get settled in Atlanta.

There is nothing like moving to cause you to step back, reflect, communicate with the Lord, and gain perspective.  One of the things that has been on our hearts and minds during this transition is our continued prayers for John's healing. 

As we packed up our back freezer, I found  this:

This is a piece of cake I saved from John's church dedication celebration in August of 2009.  We have kept it, looking forward to eating it when John crawls yet keeping it tucked away so as not to miss the joy in the present.

It was hard to pack up this piece of cake that has represented both hope and longing, and in doing so, "move" the promise with us to Atlanta.  

The promise of John's full healing has shaped much of the past three years and has transformed how we view faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit, God's will, etc.  Therefore, we'd love to share a brief 11 minute sermon by Bill Johnson that really touched us this morning:
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I appreciate how this talk challenges and reminds us to: 
*Stay conscious of God  and   *Focus on what GOD HAS DONE, not what he hasn't done.


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere! So happy to see your post in my reader this morning!

  2. Wow! Just listened to the talk. Very good! Glad you all are getting settled in.

  3. Yaaaay I'm so glad to have you back in Atlanta! I hope the settling in is going well. See you again soon! :)

  4. I`m sincerely happy for your family, may God bless you and your children! We moved and this really became a great joy for our family,
    and fate sent us good and conscientious
    movers This is pretty good when in spite of difficulties you reach your goal. And WOW! Here is a new house!