Friday, March 16, 2012

Farther Along

A couple of days ago, my friend Settle sent me the most incredible song that truly resonates with my heart in our journey of loss and life.  It is entitled, Farther Along, and I know it will bless you as well:

You will also find the lyrics by clicking the link.  I love both the honesty in this song and also how uplifting and full of truth it is.

Our dear friends, Settle and Jeff, also have a son in heaven.  Their beloved Webb went to be with Jesus in October, and like Warren, also left behind a twin and a younger brother on earth.  Settle has the most beautiful blog in which she shares profound insights and truths.  She is an amazing writer!  Check it out, and please keep their sweet family in your prayers: As I Walk.

I also want to share an excerpt from an email one of our devoted prayer warriors sent me.  Christy is like so many of you...a woman I have never met face to face but know and love thanks to the Lord connecting us in the midst of pain, hope, and healing.  We serve a great God... a God who transcends pain and takes on flesh every single day through each one of you.

From Christy:

Jesus came, ministered...took the stripes on his back...laid down willingly on the Cross...died... was resurrected from the dead... and ministered one more time, and then He rose to Heaven and "Sat Down".  One of my previous pastors, Dr. David Uth preached this serman out of Hebrews, "He Sat Down...His work was done."   I still remember this sermon, He sat down....His work was done. His work happened 2000 yrs ago....he took the stripes on his back in Herod's judgment hall...

So Now...that the work is done, what do we do?  We say the WORD over our problem and then we Trust and praise and believe that what "HE" said is done.  "I believe Lord that you have already DONE everything...all...we need" Mary are Doing what you are supposed to be doing.  You are saying the Word over John and trusting God to do HIS work...and sometimes it is done miraculously and sometimes it is done ... one day at a time.  But remember...John, Meade, you...have already shown the doctors that We serve a Great God...and HE has already done the work....So I'm believing and praising with you... The Work is Done and God is going to give you the desires of your heart...because you have already asked Him...Keep believing that God's word is true, His promises are true...He has done the work ... and He Sat Down!!!!   He has heard every word you have stay positive and keep Speaking the Word... "by His stripes John is healed".."I am healed Lord, because You healed me...all praise to God" ...  the work is already done! 

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