Our Wedding Day   October 22, 2005

Twin Pregnancy and Birth  January 21, 2009
 8 months pregnant

John                                                        Warren

Life in the Intensive Care Unit


Warren with his name sake, William C. Warren IV

 Warren on left, John on right

Warren  February 7, 2009
Warren February 8, 2009

John's Early Days - 2009

EEG the day following Warren's death

The "Double Kiss", what we always did with the twins

At Children's Hospital Boston; John's first trip outdoors (via portable monitor)

Visit with the therapy dog at CHBoston

The Rest of 2009

Four Generations                                                     Five Generations

Warren's "Planting"  August 8, 2009

John's Church Dedication

Back in Boston

Christmas 2009


John's 1st Birthday

Starting the Institutes program - Crawling down the "incline floor"

                               Working hard in Physical Therapy!


 Visual Stimulation                                                      In the Stander

Red Sox game!

Baby Pine Tree growing from Warren's "planting" site
Sun shining on Warren's planting site

One of John's therapy activities

Learning Math with Dot Cards 

Dr. Khwaja 

Christmas 2010


John's 2nd Birthday

Flowers for
Warren's 2nd anniversary
of being with Jesus

CranioSacral Therapy 

   Easter 2010

Daniel Hightower is here!  June 6, 2011

Uncle William!

                   First Annual  Family Camp!

The Boys with Uncle Cole and Daddy

 Daniel's Church Dedication

                                                    With "Miss Jess" in Philadelphia!
 With Glenn and Katy Doman at the Institutes  (

 Christmas 2011


Daniel turns 1!

John is a ring bearer in Jess and Dan's wedding!

Christmas 2012

through September

At Warren's "planting site" on the actual anniversary of his going to heaven for the first time.  4 years with Jesus.

Uncle William marries Monica!
 And we are all in the wedding!  Two ring bearers, a groomsman and a bridesmaid!

John's new stander
Daniel's 2nd birthday!

Family Camp 2013!


  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing and being light. May 2012 be a joyful, blessed, and rich journey for you all. We look forward to our next opportunity to be with your wonderful family - all generations! Love, The Cases

  2. OY! I just cried all over again. (And can't stop!) You guys are such an inspiration. With James' surgery next week, your story gives me strength and hope. Thank you for sharing your love, strength, and incredible perseverance with us all!
    Caroline Daniel

  3. I'm so glad that Caroline Daniel posted a link to your blog on FB, as I have been spending the afternoon getting caught up on your beautiful family. I have two little girls and cannot imagine that heartache you have gone through, but it's inspirational to read of your strength through difficult times and to see how you've been truly blessed!

    Love, Lauren Oshnock Zgutowicz

  4. I LOVE looking at all of these photos and watching your boys grow up right before my eyes! Wonderful site ME! I am inspired and amazed at how you have put this together in the midst of life with two little ones! Love you!! Christina White

  5. Oh, what a beautiful family!!! I had tears in my eyes when I looked at the pictures of Warren and John together. I know you all must ache to hold him all the time. But what joy as the pictures continued to see how you were able to mourn and celebrate his life and to celebrate John and Daniel's lives, too! It was amazing to see, in one place, how much progress John has made. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. We continue to pray for you!

  6. This website looks wonderful! I am excited to watch it unfold. And it is so amazing to look through this photo book of the last few years... what a journey you all have been through. You have a beautiful family!

  7. I am in awe of the new site and so thrilled to see all the pics of your precious family!! Our prayer team continues to pray for John and all of you! Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us!!

  8. Thank you all! So appreciative of your encouraging words. Thanks for joining us in this new endeavor as we press on one day at a time!

  9. Oh, THE TEARS! We love y'all so and are so grateful for your willingness to share your hearts and lives with us. Y'all are blessings to us! And, ALL of your wee boys are beautiful. Oh, I just love them. xoxo

  10. Jonathan and I just caught up on these precious, precious photos. We will keep praying for FULL healing for John. Your family is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for continuing to share your story. xoxox