Wednesday, March 28, 2012

To Choose Him...

(I apologize if you are receiving this for the second time.)

More thoughts today on childlike faith…

On many days, being a mom can be tiring.  It simply comes with the territory.  People see us out and comment, “You have your hands full!”  And I always respond, “Yes I do, in the best possible way!”  (Parents out there, feel free to use this line; it is TRUE and refreshing to those who hear it. Children are an incredible gift.  In fact, I imagine this line could fit anything to which the Lord has called you.)

So yes, I am tired on certain days.  And I often feel like I should/could/need to do more. 

But EVERY DAY, I get a huge self-esteem boost simply by peering into John and Daniel’s smiling faces and soaking up their essence.  At this age and in their minds, Meade and I are “it.”  We have hung the moon.  

Whether I’m busy around the kitchen, back in the bedroom, or at my little brother’s track meet, it has really hit me that Daniel chooses me.  Out of a crowd, out of a sea of legs, he picks me and chooses my legs to grasp.  My lap to burrow.  My eyes to catch his smile.  My ears to direct his laughter. 

I can be outside the kitchen door for a second, and he stands there with his little face and hands plastered to the door just smiling and looking out at me.

It’s amazing how I can feel so loved and chosen by my children.  It simply warms my heart.

It must DELIGHT the Lord when we choose to act in this manner with Him…when we truly choose Him with childlike faith and abandon. 

Just as the love of our children is truly initiated out of our love for them, so too are we enabled to love God because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). 

By the inherent nature of being a small child, my children know no other than to expect my love, my attention, my meeting of their basic needs… that I will bathe, clothe, and feed them.  That they will have dirty diapers changed, faces wiped, hugs freely given, and countless kisses.

When we are operating out of childlike faith, it becomes second nature to choose God.  We merely assume He will provide for us. We trust He knows best, even when doubts creep up (or, if we are honest, scream at times).

As a “responsible adult,” it is so easy and tempting to go to anything and anyone but God when life gets me down. 

Next time the trial pursues, the deadlines threaten, or the laundry and dishes stack high, I hope I will seek out God and make my way to “His legs.” 

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.”
Jeremiah 31:3

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