Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stepping Stones: Who Does He Look Like?

“Who does he look like?”

I am often asked this question as people study John or Daniel’s features – their smiles, noses, hair lines, and even their ears and toes.  As a child, I am sure you also remember people remarking, “Oh you look just like your mother!” Or, “You have your Daddy’s build!” 

I was thrilled when people saw my parents in me; I admired them and wanted to emulate them.  In the same way, Meade and I (along with the doting grandparents) beam with pride as someone tells us they see a bit of us in our boys. It is sheer delight!

As I was contemplating this the other day, it hit me in a fresh way that we all are created in an image far greater than our earthly parents.  We are created in God’s very image; He chose us as the vessels to display His likeness. 

No one can deny that a new baby is an utter miracle.  How much more miraculous is it that that very baby is created in God’s image and is intended to reflect his or her Creator. 

Consider how much it delights the Lord when He looks at us as we are living out His purposes, becoming more like Him and embodying His love, and He witnesses His very image glancing back. I pray today that we will all seek to live in light of who we are – beloved children of God created in His image to display His likeness.


  1. Great post, Mary Elizabeth.

    I _totally_ see you in John. There's a lot of Warren in him. :)