Monday, January 9, 2012

Hands Lifted High

First of all, we had some technical difficulties, to say the least, with this new site last week!!  I think all the kinks are finally worked out, but if you missed one of the three initial posts, please scroll down on our website to see them or click on the links under "Archives" to the right of this post/under "Our Family" photo.

Secondly, here are the Prayer Requests for this week:
-John has a follow-up appointment Tuesday with his hematologist/oncologist, Dr. Owen.  Please pray this goes well... for a quick and easy blood draw.  John is a "hard stick," as they like to say, and oftentimes has to be stuck multiple times to get enough blood for the necessary labs.
-We are praying for improved ANC results from the blood work.  This is the Absolute Neutrophil Count in the white blood cells that has been very, very low.  This problem is called neutropenia and is linked to not being able to fight off bacterial infections very well.  We are grateful though that John is a very healthy boy in spite of this diagnosis.
-Army Crawling!

-John is using his hands much more purposefully.  He has this great switch toy, and he is able to activate more parts of it (press a button, play with the beads hanging from it, push on a surface that lights up, pull a ball to make music, etc) when he is on his side or in his highchair!
-Both boys have been thoroughly enjoying the church nursery recently.  Believe it or not, they both went for the very first time (yes--first time in John's entire life) a couple of months ago.  We went from having two children with us in church to sending both to the nursery on the same morning!  Ripping the bandaid off!  It has been truly special to see how energized John is by this time with his peers.
-We are still thrilled and thanking the Lord that John was able to sit in the red chair for the first time by himself last week.  
Thank you for continuing to join us in prayer.  We are so humbled to have you on this journey with us!

"So let us come boldly to the throne 
of our gracious God. 
There we will receive his mercy, 
and we will find grace to help us 
when we need it most."
Hebrews 4:16

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