Monday, January 16, 2012

Hands Lifted High: ANC levels are in!

Thank you for praying for John's doctor's appointment last Tuesday. It went well.  They only had to stick John once to draw his blood!  His ANC was still low but went up to 700.  Normal is 1500-8000.  However, the boys came down with cold symptoms later in the week and had fevers by Friday.  John rarely gets a fever, so we knew we needed to take him in plus get another Complete Blood Count to see what his ANC does when he is fighting an infection.  Praise the Lord!  It was 1600 on Friday afternoon, the low end of normal!!  This is GREAT news... it appears John's white blood cells do what they need to do when he gets sick (John and Daniel both have strep throat).  This is also encouraging because we have been praying since Tuesday's appointment (and in general for awhile) about whether or not John should go ahead and have a bone marrow biopsy performed since his ANC has been so low for so long.  Now we may not need to do this. I guess this may be the only time we are grateful for strep!  Perhaps there are silver linings to every cloud. 
We are also praising God this week that John bore weight on his legs as Meade picked him up off the floor while grabbing his hands. As Meade started to drop him down on the couch on his feet, he fully extended his legs and firmly stood on the couch while Meade held onto him.  This is HUGE!  We can see standing and walking in his future!  

Please continue to pray for John to army crawl and for the boys to recover quickly from their illnesses.
Thank you for joining us in prayer and praise.  How great is our God!

Guess what??  John turns 3 years old this coming Saturday!  CANNOT BELIEVE John (and Warren) will be 3.  

Stay tuned for Stepping Stones on Wednesday...

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  1. I can't believe it either: 3rd birthdays. In some ways (obviously), it seems like a lifetime. My kids are working on a sweet, homemade gift for John (and Warren can enjoy it from Heaven, of course)!