Friday, January 6, 2012

Hands Lifted High

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Now, onto the post that was supposed to be delivered yesterday (Thursday):
Image from Eternal Perspective Ministries

I feel the Lord gave me this name, "Hands Lifted High," for the posts that relay both our prayer requests for our family and also our praises for the many answers to prayer we experience.  Growing up I tended to separate these prayers and admittedly spent most of my prayer time asking God for things.

What I love about the title, “Hands Lifted High,” is the embedded reminder that as we commune with the Lord and lift both our concerns and praises to Him, we do so by lifting up open hands.  I believe the Lord wants us to honestly express our prayer requests and hearts’ desires, but we also must pray for the ability to be open to what He chooses to place in our hands and take out of them (note: His taking of things is not always a hard or bad thing!).  Thank you for joining us in prayer and praise!

For our first Hands Lifted High post…

We praise the Lord for:
-bringing our family to a new season and making this blog possible.
-all three of our sons and their impact for God’s Kingdom… that the Lord does restore and is making all things new!
-John learning how to give “high fives” recently while lying on his back!
-John and Daniel’s sweet spirits and how we experience Christ’s joy through them.
-John transferring a toy from one hand to the other for the very first time (during occupational therapy with Cathy)!
-John sitting in a red cube chair (the kind that are used in preschool) all by himself last night!!  This is a definite FIRST, and we are thrilled!  Check out the video (Email subscribers click here): 

Please join us in beseeching the Lord for:
-John’s full healing
-John to army crawl.  He has been making more efforts recently with helpful bodily movements while on his tummy such as pulling his knees up under his bottom more and assertively moving his arms and legs.
-John’s speech and his work with his therapist, Robyn.  As many of you know, John has said a few words and short sentences but does not speak consistently (at least not in a way we can understand, but we know he understands what he is trying to say!).


  1. Go John! Adding my prayers to yours for his army crawl :)

  2. Yay John! I can see pics in that awesome red chair in John's future!!! Love it!

  3. So thrilled at this evidence of the Lord's mercies! Thanks for sharing!

  4. YAY!!! So proud of precious John! I love it. The videos are fun b/c you get a little better glimpse into his determined nature! (also noticed that Daniel looked like he might just let go of the couch and're in for it!) They both seem to be doing incredibly well. What a treat to be able to read your blog.