Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Band of Brothers

For those of you who haven’t heard, we are expecting another precious baby!  And yes, it is just one!  

AND…. it’s a……  BOY!!!!  Son #5!  God clearly has big plans in store for this band of brothers, and we are excited to see how it all unfolds.  What a gift!  It is deeply moving, and it warms my heart to dream about bringing another little boy into our home.  This one surely has our hearts already!   I am 15 weeks and due October 13; maybe baby boy will share a birthday with his Virginia grandfather, Poppy!  I am still monitored by the high risk specialists, and so far, everything is looking great!  Thank you for adding this new little one to your prayer lists.

As for the big brothers: John seems excited, Daniel keeps telling me the baby is ready to come out now, and Andrew is clueless.  These littlest ones will be only 21 months apart, however Andrew is so chill that I imagine he will go with the flow as always.

We were able to visit “Warren’s special spot” as Daniel likes to call it (where he is buried) at the beach during John’s spring break.  It was truly special to “all” be together, in one sense, on Easter Sunday, along with Meade’s parents who joined us for several days.  Obviously, Warren is healed and whole in heaven, and we all look forward to the day when all is made new.  But for now, it is comforting to have a spot where we can remember his time with us on earth, reflect on that precious boy and each little feature we hugged and kissed, and know that we will all be face to face with Jesus some day in our glorified physical states.

There has certainly been pain and sorrow, but it is redemptive and encouraging to reflect on all that has transpired since 2009.  And all the special little ones that God has brought into our lives.  After all, it was John and Warren who taught us we were capable of more love than we ever dreamed possible, and, therefore, they showed us how much we adore being parents and what a gift all of these children are.  We hope to honor Warren and his continued presence in our family’s life, despite his current physical absence, by welcoming his additional siblings into our home.  Death does not have the final say.  With Christ, life wins.

Other updates:
John continues to make his new consonant sounds, and we are so proud!  A friend is praying Psalm 51:5 for John and we would love for you to join her:
Open my lips, Lord, and my mouth will declare your praise.”
Here is a video in which he is demonstrating what he wants by signing “more” (by bringing his hands together) and then making a “t” sound for tickles (while looking at this image on the iPad with his amazing speech therapist):

We will have John’s reevaluation meeting at school on Monday where we will go over his new individualized program.  Praise God for this amazing place and staff!  And in August, there will be a campus just a couple miles away!  One of John’s precious teachers, Stacy, gets married in one month!  I am pretty sure John will be heart-broken. ;)  Seriously, we are all so thrilled for Stacy and Rob and can't wait to celebrate with them on the big day!

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