Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Following the Nudge

Happy Spring!

Exciting things have been happening around our house!  It is official: John’s school will be opening a campus near us in Buckhead (Atlanta)!  This is a dream come true and we have felt truly honored to get to work on this project with the amazing staff at Jacob’s Ladder.

Additionally, John has just begun making many new sounds (consonant sounds for the first time ever) in the past few weeks.  This encourages us greatly and we pray that God continues to develop his verbal abilities.  It is also a gift to see John, Daniel, and Andrew grow in their relationship as brothers. 

I also felt very humbled and grateful to get to share a bit of our story last week at a Bible study for young mothers I attend at The Church of The Apostles.  The last 6 or so months have been a time of questioning, wrestling, and ultimately deepening with the Lord.  I felt that He has been nudging me, indicating it is time to share again… and He was faithful to give me this message:

Only if you have time, go to this link and then click on the March 17 date to the right/middle of the screen.  My testimony is at the beginning of the recording and is about 17 minutes long.  Then at the end of my talk, my mom and Meade join me, and we had the privilege of sharing a little about our dear friend, Jody Noland, and her amazing work, Leave Nothing Unsaid.  She will also be speaking at this Bible study in a few weeks, and I encourage you to check out her mission!

Back to my talk... I realize my perspective may rub some the wrong way or may be outside of your comfort zone…  However, my hope is that this talk is honest, comforting, freeing, and, most importantly, honoring to God.  It is where the Lord has brought us over the past 6 plus years and I am grateful for the journey and how it continues to unfold.  Beauty does come from ashes.

Questions I address in this brief talk in light of all we have experienced:

-Are you at the place yet where you can say you wouldn't change your story? 

-It was all worth it, right? …because in the trials the Lord drew close to you and you relied on Him like never before?

Follow up questions/food for thought:
-Does God ordain/cause suffering?  Or does he allow it and ultimately use it for His good purposes?  Or does the answer to this question depend on each individual situation?

-It is possible to both have a testimony/ministry because of the pain and ups and down and yet also speak out against the brokenness in this fallen world?  Or is that unfaithful as we strive to acknowledge God is directing our every step?

-Does God really bring life from death?  What reigns in this world: Christ or the brokenness?  

-Where do we find hope in light of suffering?


  1. Hi! I loved your talk and CONGRATS on your new little one!! I am so happy for you!!! :)

    Amy B.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this Mary Elizabeth. I just finished listening to your talk and it was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. -Alice