Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part 2: The Flowering of Truth

"Love takes pleasure in the flowering of truth."
1 Corinthians 13:6, The Message

Earlier this week, I shared my delight in discovering truth as something that flowers.  It is the object of love's pleasure.  It grows, it unveils, it even surprises us with its beauty and joy.  

I am reminded of this powerful reality as I go outside and walk around our new home.  In purchasing this home, we inherited an English Garden of sorts.  I'll be honest -- I had NO clue what to do with it at first.  It is a little wild and unruly.  Additionally, I often feel I am destroying its beauty by my neglect.  However, I am coming to terms with simply exhaling... simply enjoying this unexpected gift that was left for me.

Unexpected, indeed. In the three and half months we have lived here, I am regularly surprised by the new things that pop up in the yard.  What I assumed was a weed becomes a gorgeous flower!  Shoots that were literally not there the day before now make their presence known with flowers at their tops.

This plant greeted me this morning with these delicate little flowers.  I had never noticed its flowers before, which only appear in the morning before closing back up. 

These shoots popped up within the last week, bearing these beautiful flowers.

These flowers are in the front.  I had no idea they were under the soil when we moved in, just waiting for the right time in the season to make their appearance.

Lastly, these stalks have recently shot up from the earth, and I think they may be sunflowers!  

It's amazing how you can think something is merely a pine straw bed, a bunch of weeds, or a neglected patch of yard, and then new life bursts forth!  Without any effort on my part!  In fact, they spring forth in spite of my neglect and lack of horticultural knowledge.

I am so grateful the Lord's Truth is similar.  It flowers, springs forth, and unleashes its beauty and power despite our shortcomings, despite our neglect, despite our inexperience.  His Truth endures.  And if we have the eyes to see, we will realize it is all around us, just waiting to surprise us and flower.

"See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making  a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland."
Isaiah 43:19

As always we greatly appreciate your prayers.  Specific prayer requests include:
-For John to sleep through the night.
-For John's program as we ease back into it.  He already loves the pieces we have gradually added back in this past week.
-For John's development: specifically army crawling, fine motor skills, independent sitting, full head control, and speech.  I know this sounds random, but pray for strength in his glutes! This is key in so many of these requests.
-For rest, sleep, and energy for all of us!
-We pray for the eyes to see God's Truth flowering in our lives as He guides us down His path for our family.

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