Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Flowering of Truth

"I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass.  
I have purposed it;  I will also do it." 
Isaiah 46:11  

As you know, we recently took a trip.  John had the great honor (and therefore, we certainly did too!) of being the ring bearer in the wedding of “Miss Jess” and “Mr. Dan.”  We were blessed with two incredible aids for John during our time in Virginia, and Miss Jess was with us up until our move and was a true Godsend.  In fact, she accompanied us on our move, and we couldn’t have done it without her!  We were able to get to know Dan right at the beginning of their relationship and shared in the joy of their Christmas-time engagement as they came over and shared the news with us just a couple of hours after Dan proposed!

Sweet reunion with Miss Jess at the wedding rehearsal

We were extremely excited to return to Virginia to be a part of this amazing couple’s special day.  It was a dream come true for us as parents.  We pray John will be able to experience “normal” things as he grows and continues to follow God’s unique path for his life.  Moms pray seemingly odd prayers at times, and even starting a couple of years ago, I had been specifically praying that John would be a ring bearer at some point!  I had no idea this answer to prayer and true honor would come so soon through this precious couple.

John looking quite dapper in his wedding attire.  He wore the REAL rings around his neck. 

Walking down the aisle with our new friend, Ben

As God often does, He spoke to me through this wedding.  Jess and Dan chose the famous “Love Chapter,” 1 Corinthians 13, as one of their Bible readings at the ceremony.   I have heard it many times (although I always need its reminders!), but I don’t think I had ever heard it from The Message.  Verse 6 and its powerful wording captured my mind and heart:
“[Love] takes pleasure in the flowering of truth.”

What a beautiful and profound image.  What does love take pleasure in?  Truth.  And what does truth do?  It flowers.  Is truth a dead, dull noun?  No.  This passage illuminates its active nature as something that unfolds.  That truth is living, active, created—not contrived or manipulated.  That as something created and flowering, truth has a source: God, the Creator.  That truth is a responsibility.  We can steward and nurture it, aiding or impeding its growth.  Truth sees no middle way.  Thus, it holds promise and warning. Guidance and admonition.  And it is the very object of love’s pleasure.

Once again, God reminded me that He is actively at work unfolding truth in our family’s life.  We turn to fears and lies, and He gently points us back to His Word.  We can doubt and even shake our fists at Him, yet He is faithful, knowing that only the flowering of His truth in our lives will set us free.  Giving us the freedom we desperately long for…the truth that makes us feel known…the truth that once embraced, makes us feel at home.

I look forward to seeing how truth will flower in Jess and Dan’s marriage, just as I look forward to the continual flowering of truth in my sons’ lives.  God has spoken, purposed, and promised this for each one of us.  Of greater import, He is able to do it.  I claim this for John’s life as God continues to heal him.  Fears, lies, poor prognoses, the unknown, grief, depression, and ruin do not have the final say.  Truth wins out, always ready to spring up and flower. 

With the happy couple just minutes after they became Mr. and Mrs. Yoon!

Electric Slide!  John adores music and dancing!

Fun with Maddie and Poppy celebrating Daniel's 1st Birthday:


  1. The ring bearer with the bride and groom is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. I love it.

  2. Oh wow! John Bear, you look so handsome! What fun. And Daniel got to have another party! Some guys have all the luck. Ann-Marie Coe Ellis has enjoyed seeing you guys! Her little guy sure is cute. Love you all!
    Uncle George from Annapolis

  3. It was an honor to meet John and you all after Dan and Jess have spoken so highly of you. Your reminder that love is alive and vibrant is so timely. We all certainly see it in this happy couple. Be blessed, and come back to visit us all again!