Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Kiss

Like any mom, I lavish my boys with kisses… whether they like it or not!!  Apparently, Daniel became so used to my kissing his forehead that now, when I ask him for a kiss, he simply leans his forehead toward my lips.  He is ready to receive a kiss from me. 

I ask for a kiss and, instead, he assumes he will get one.

However, Daniel does know how to give a kiss.  I ask him to give John a kiss, and he quickly put his lips to John’s face… sometimes blowing out of his nose at the same time.  Hilarious and sweet. 

I find it interesting and indicative of our relationship with God that Daniel is capable of giving a kiss but assumes I will give him one when I am the one asking for it.

I am reminded of the passage in John 21 in which Jesus questions Peter three separate times, “Do you love me?”   Jesus follows with these directives: “Feed my lambs,” “Take care of my sheep,” and “Feed my sheep” (verses 15-17).     

What is Jesus’ aim in asking these questions and responding to Peter in this way?  He is reinstating Peter after his denial; He is bringing Peter back into the fold, entrusting him with His great commission.  He is actually showing Peter His love, even though He is asking Peter whether or not he loves Him.   

Jesus asks the question for our benefit.  He inquires in order to show His love for us.  He asks knowing that what He holds is a gift.  A kiss.  A call.  Freedom.  Not taking, but giving instead.  And in giving, He gives us life.  Worth and authentic purpose. 

“Will you give me a kiss?”

Jesus has His love to give…  In return, He asks us for a kiss, a call to follow Him. 

I am grateful my son Daniel assumes I have only love for him when I ask him for a kiss.  Friends, know that your Lord feels the same way about you.  

"I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness."
-Jeremiah 31:3

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