Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Recent Little Glimpses

It's always a little wild and woolly around here, but there were a few highlights from the past week I thought you would enjoy!

*Daniel was able to join us for John's horseback riding lesson last Thursday.  He enjoyed meeting Pinkie.  We were worried when Daniel yanked on Pinkie's hair, but then the instructor informed us that horses do not have nerve endings in their manes.  Phew!  Horseback riding is going very well for John!!

*If you want to test your mental toughness and end up cracking up in hysterics (both out of the chaos and eventual laughter), try taking your 3 year old and 10 month old in to get passports!  My sweet grandfather is taking our family on a trip this summer... to New England... not out of the country.  Yet apparently our boys need passports.

Our first attempt to get the 2 by 2 inch photo. We also held Daniel up to get his picture.  You can see my hand in his picture below.

Finally we captured some shots by putting the paper on the floor. But smiles weren't allowed, only "neutral expressions".  Sorry John!

The outcome.  Feel free to laugh; we sure did!  :)

*Developmental clinic: On Friday I was able to visit the pediatric developmental clinic at my dad's inner-city health center, The Good Samaritan Health Center.  It was a privilege to sit with this very accomplished, thorough, and compassionate team as they cared for one little boy in particular and his parents.  He has a speech delay, and I felt honored to be able to join in with both my counseling perspective and also as a fellow parent of a child with special needs. 

*This last (but certainly not least) update undoubtedly falls in the highlight category: Our dear friends Ashley and Scott Morgenthaler gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl) on April 15th.  I went to college with Ashley and Scott and through their sweet love and visits (including visits during each of my pregnancies), our friendships as couples have only grown since we've all been married.  Like so many of you, they have truly walked through the trials and joys with us. 

Meade and John (I promise they do occasionally wear shirts!) with Scott and their firstborn Luckett, April 2011

Emory Yates and Thatcher Warren
As you can tell, these children are very special to us, and we were particularly touched when Ashley and Scott asked if they could honor us and memorialize our son Warren by using his name for their son's middle name  (Warren is actually our son's middle name too... William Warren Stone and Thatcher Warren Morgenthaler).  

It means so much to know Warren lives on in so many ways... through John, Thatcher Warren,  the significant impact our Warren's brief life made for God's Kingdom, our prayer lives which grew due to Warren's life, and lastly through his glorified life in heaven which reminds us where our true home lies.

The precious Morgenthaler twins were born at 33 weeks and 3 days gestation, but they are fighters!!  Thatcher's sister, Emory, is already at home, and Thatcher will join her once he masters eating fully on his own.  We would love for you to join us in praying for these precious lives and that this sweet family of five can be together at home very soon!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful way to remember Warren. Congrats to the Morganthalers! I love the passport photos and story as well. :)

  2. What a week you guys have had. Glad Pinkie survived! How great about the Morganthalers. I met them last year at the Coe's house. They are nice people. Those twins are beautiful. Their other little boy is cute too. Blessings, George

  3. How sweet of you to include their story in yours. Ashley is my brother David's daughter and is very dear to me - I know you are very dear to them and the connection with Warren is touching to say the least. God bless you and especially your trip to New England!! Ashley's Aunt Bunny